Why I love hip hop? so as a fellow teen who prioritises gut health, nutrient dense food and healthy habits, hip hop powers my journey with so much goodness. The minute I tried kombucha its become a weekly staple to buy. My goal is to inspire teens to make healthier choices and become their best selves, I always stress the fact of adding nutrition into your diet rather than excluding things and hip hop kombucha is the best example of this… nourishing to flourish✨✨

Fave drink? Ginger & yuzu kombucha- whenever I see this in the shops, you best believe its going in the shopping basket. Its tangy, sweet and has that kick to rejuvenate your body and provides me with all the gut loving goodness I’m craving 💖

Bit about me?
I’m Maya, a 16 year old who’s currently at college studying biology, geography & physical education (sport). I began my account instagram account in 2021 and I truly want to inspire any fellow teens aout their to make healthier choices. I create nutritious recipes, provide them with workouts and motivation. I’m aware there’s so much confusion placed around the fitness industry today so that’s where I come in- to help simplify and cut out any confusion that’s not necessary. There are very little 16 year olds on instagram who highlight the importance of health and fitness so I do hope I can be the role model teens are missing out on!