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I am Kat Roberts, a Mountain endurance enthusiast, Outdoor instructor and coach. I live and breathe the mountains and living on the outskirts of The Snowdonia National Park is the perfect location for me! If I am not running in the mountains you can usually find me swimming in the open water, I love it! My lifestyle is pretty hectic and non-stop so for me making sure I am putting good things into my body is super important. I like to keep it fun though. Eating and drinking things i actually enjoy is important to me and this is why I am so stoked to be an ambassador for Hip Pop. I remember coming across their drinks in a local coffee shop and since have been hooked and more often than not it is my replacement for coffee! Hip Pop is vibrant, fresh and funky.. but also think hard about the ingredients they are putting into their drinks - I mean who doesn't want a tasty drink that is also packed with gut-friendly probiotics, vitamins and antioxidants?!

My go to Hip Pop flavour is the classic Ginger and Yuzu Kombucha. Cold, with ice and I even pop a little bit of fresh mint in there and it's the perfect go to drink!