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Subscription FAQs

New Subscription System FAQs 

  • Where can I find my past subscription orders? Past orders are no longer visible on our new system (let's start fresh!). You may however, until August 9,  view your past orders here: (view-only) just enter the email and password you set when you purchased your subscription. If in the future you would need  a CSV list of your past subscription (purchase prior to July 5, 2023) you may do so via a request to our customer support

  • Upon checking my upcoming orders on the new system, how come I can see scheduled deliveries that I had already chosen to skip before?  Unfortunately you will need to re skip them again, as the migration doesn’t allow us to this data over. However, this is as easy as clicking the “Skip” button. We promise, they will no longer appear again. In fact with our new subscription system, you can change your mind and click “Unskip” if you choose to do so.

  • I'm a quarterly/annual subscriber who purchased a subscription prior to July 5 2023  - I used to be able to change them but now I couldn’t - how do I change the flavour of my next subscription order?  You may do so by reaching out to our customer support 3 business days prior to your scheduled subscription order and let us know what flavour you would like.  You can amend up to two upcoming future subscription orders. The flavour changes can only be made within the specific product range of the subscription (e.g. if you purchased a quarterly kombucha then your options are limited to what's within the kombucha range).

  • I bought an annual/quarterly subscription prior to July 5 2023 and now I can see that my product renewal date is different, how come? This will only happen to certain migrated subscriptions that had a certain number of skips and/or canceled subscription orders, the system will estimate a new renewal date based on the remaining subscription orders and shipping frequency. You may reschedule your renewal date if you wish.

  • I bought an annual/quarterly subscription prior to July 5 2023 and when I check the previous orders page I can see repeating orders with the same date? - According to our subscription system service provider these are "artifacts" created by their system so they can accurately count past orders - think of them as placeholders for past orders. They need to create these orders to accurately count your remaining prepaid orders and your date of renewal. Other than the above mentioned purpose, it has no negative effect on your subscription.
  • What happens if I cancel my annual/quarterly subscription prematurely? - You will continue to receive your scheduled subscription orders (you may still skip or reschedule). Doing so ensures that your subscription will no longer renew once all your prepaid orders have been completed.

  • I want a particular mix of flavours for my subscription, how do I do that? - We will be launching a build your own subscription box very soon where you get to specify what flavours will go into your box! We will let you know via email and on our socials once we launch this in the future! We are super excited about this!

  • I am looking at my subscription orders on the legacy site and I can see a canceled order/s after July 18. How come? In order to give you access to your subscription history for a limited time we have left our old subscription system to run (but never charge you) thus it continues to create orders. Please ignore these canceled orders as it's the new system on our site at which will be the one creating the actual subscription orders.