FAQ for Updating your Payment Method

Updating your Payment Method
Frequently Asked Questions


Why do I need to update my payment method?

Updating your payment method will let our e-commerce system update your account by moving it over to a new payment processor - one that is authorised to take payments for CBD products.

What will happen if I don't update my payment method?

Not updating your payment method will cause your subscription to encounter an error whereby our subscription system will not be able to charge your credit card (or applicable payment option) until you update your payment method. So we strongly recommend that you update  to avoid issues with your future subscription orders. 

I updated my payment method but I did not get an email confirmation

If despite seeing the message confirmation that you have successfully updated your payment method but did not receive an email confirmation please check your Junk folder. If still no confirmation email is found, please contact us at so we can have a look from our end.

I have two payment methods on file which should I update?

If both payment methods are credit cards we advise to update both. If one payment method is a wallet like paypal or shop pay you may skip updating it. If in doubt please contact us at so we can advise you.


But I recently just renewed my Annual/Quarterly Subscription do I need to update?

Yes to ensure that your renewal in the future will proceed without issue. Also, you can have us apply your 10% discount reward to your next renewal to enjoy significant savings.