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  • 5 Top Tips for Brewing Kombucha

    5 Top Tips for Brewing Kombucha

    By Elspeth Sargeant

    Do you have a sad batch of Kombucha? Have you ever looked lovingly at your homemade Kombucha brewing peacefully away and noticed something looking funky, and not in a good way, inside of the jar? Well, fear not we are...

  • Cans of Hip Pop and Jars of Kombucha

    How to Make Kombucha at Home

    By Elspeth Sargeant

    Brewing Kombucha at Home Have you ever fancied being able to call yourself a Kombucha connoisseur? Well, now you can with our easy step-by-step guide: How to Make Kombucha at Home. Kombucha has risen in popularity across the West in...

  • The Health Benefits of Kombucha: A Guide to Better Gut Health

    The Health Benefits of Kombucha: A Guide to Better Gut Health

    By Lewis Comber

    Kombucha is a popular drink that has been around for thousands of years and has recently gained popularity as a healthy alternative to sugary drinks. This fermented tea is made from tea, sugar, yeast, and bacteria and is known for...

  • Is Kombucha Alcoholic?

    Is Kombucha Alcoholic?

    By Lewis Comber

    The question of "how much" will depend on a few variables. So if you're worried that your kombucha might actually be alcoholic or are maybe wanting to learn how to make it more alcoholic, then check out this blog post...
  • Kombucha in a jar

    What is Kombucha & Where Does it Come From?

    By Lewis Comber

    Chances are that you’re already acquainted with kombucha but what exactly is kombucha? What are its origins and what are the reasons for its recent explosive growth in popularity around the world and in the UK?...
  • One of our founders, Emma, drinking kombucha

    What is the Best Time of Day to Drink Kombucha?

    By Lewis Comber

    Whether you’ve developed a taste for the sharp-sweet twang of kombucha, or you’re interested in finding a fun alternative to juice, regular soft drinks or coffee, there are lots of reasons to love this fermented tea drink. Find out what is the best time for you to drink it...