Why moving our drinks to cans helps us do good

Hip Pop’s mission is to produce drinks that ‘taste good’ & ‘do good’. Your feedback has helped us to nail taste. All of our drinks contain scientifically proven probiotics so we know our drinks ‘do good’ too. However, the big question is do we as a company ‘do good’?

To make sure we ‘do good’ we are applying for BCorp status. Companies that achieve BCorp have the highest standards of environmental and social performance. Applying for BCorp forces us to hold a big mirror up to ourselves and ask: are we balancing profit with people and the planet?

The answer is: not as much as we could. This is why we have decided to follow in the footsteps of many other conscious businesses by moving all of our products away from heavy glass bottles and into cans.

So, why is this so important?

For the Environment

Cans are lighter and more compact than glass bottles. Cans can be infinitely recycled with no loss of quality. Once cans are in circulation they are easier and more energy efficient to recycle than glass, saving raw materials, energy and reducing CO2 emissions.

It’s not just the cans, it’s the packaging too. Glass bottles use a massive 33% more cardboard packaging than cans because they need lots of protection.

Bottles break and cans do not. We have lost count of the number of customers that have had a package delivered which contains broken glass. Every day we are sent back wet and soggy boxes of broken bottles. This is not only a waste of the 33% extra cardboard, it’s a complete waste of the energy and resources put into making every single drink. A huge reduction in returns also means a huge reduction in the amount of wasted fuel used to transport not only the initial packages but the returns and the replacements.

By moving into cans we will decrease our carbon footprint for packaging, shipping and transport by at least 26%.

By moving into cans we will decrease our carbon footprint for packaging, shipping and transport by at least 26%

For Quality

Every single batch we have sold to date has been bottled with the most basic of equipment. It takes 3 of our highly qualified team over 22 hours to complete a batch. Our investment in an automated canning line means we can remove all the manual bits. Human error is reduced. Cans are filled right every time. Oxygen is prevented from getting into the can which massively improves shelf life. Can seams are much better than bottle caps at sealing the liquid inside and ensuring quality. Our new canning line means that our team can completely focus on what they are really good at which is brewing mind blowingly tasty and healthy drinks for you.

One thing we also want to stress is that this is not a cheaper option. Actually the cost of our old bottles was cheaper than our new cans, so money didn’t affect our decision. Instead the decision was driven by the environmental aspect and quality.

What does this mean for you?

We’re gradually moving over to cans in the next few weeks and because we want to ensure minimal waste, you may receive a mix of bottles and cans in your next delivery.

We’ve come a long way from brewing in my garage and we’re so excited to be installing our first really high tech piece of kit. The automated canning line will not only vastly improve our product quality and service to you, but also means that we can make some massive improvements to our environmental impact. We don’t want to pay lip service to environmental issues - that’s why we are doing BCorp - and there are many aspects of our business that we need to work on, but many small streams make a big river!